Basic Tips for Making Parrots Cages

Actually I have explained in my previous post the Taking Care of Parrot that it would be better for us if we have a parrot cage large enough for the movement of the bird and the cage placed on the place which is a bit high from the floor. I also recommend that the distance between the bottom of the cage with a perch is a little farther so that the tail of the bird could not directly contact with the bottom of the cage. Stop our priority to the beauty and the decoration of the cage without give enough attention to the cage area for movement of parrots, at least we provide enough space for the parrots to stretch their wings. It is important to note, so our lovely birds do not experience stress caused by the cage.

Same with any other pets, parrots also would be better to be kept in place that resembles their natural habitat, although this is not possible for some people, but at least we try to make it closer. For example, use wood to make a parrot perch. In some cages, many people are putting some cage accessories such as swings. This is probably intended so that parrots can play like in their natural habitat (although in their natural habitat there is no swing like that). It's OK, it can make our parrot more happier.

There are some opinions that a good place to put the parrot cage is in the middle of the room or place the cage where the bird can see all activities that occur in the room. This is probably intended so that the bird become more familiar with humans and their environment. Another thing is also probably due to the capability of the bird that can mimic human speech so that if the parrots cage placed in the middle of the room, the pet will be easier to learn the words we say.

That's a few tips about parrot cages from my opinion, I will tell another tips in my next post. Sorry if my opinion is wrong.